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Adiante works in partnership with businesses to align good governance, confident leadership and sound strategy for improved performance. We also work with individuals pursuing board and senior management positions to build their knowledge, skills and experience in readiness for executive roles.

Adiante serves a range of clients and individuals, internationally, in the private, public, not-for-profit, and social enterprise sectors as well as academia. Our global service allows clients to benefit from new ideas and actions in governance, leadership and strategy that have helped companies and emerging leaders across the world to succeed.

Serving Businesses

We specialise in supporting companies and other organisations, of all sizes, to enhance:

Governance practices

Leadership development & succession planning

Strategy selection and implementation

Our global team will work closely with your Board to ensure your company:

Governs effectively

Leads with confidence

Delivers on strategy

…and achieves better business results.

Serving Individuals

For emerging leaders, we will prepare you for future Board and Executive opportunities by helping you:

Identify your core values and strengths

Understand the requirements of corporate leaders

Develop skills to meet them and unleash your potential

Achieve your purpose

In addition, Adiante Leadership is positive about greater gender diversity on Boards and we are committed to raising awareness of the business benefits gained by companies and other organisations having a higher proportion of female leaders.

We provide learning opportunities particularly for women and our EVEn Programme is specially designed to equip “high potential” women with the knowledge, skills and confidence for Board and Senior Management¬†roles.

Enhancing individuals to enhance business.

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